About Us

Parish Collective identifies, connects, and resources followers of Jesus that desire to grow the fabric of love and care in their neighborhood. We are at the center of the growing Parish Movement that is refounding the local church in the everyday life of the neighborhood, and learning to join in with the restorative and reconciling work God is already doing there. Since Parish Collective began in 2008 thousands of practitioners have discovered the transformative power of growing faithful roots in the parish while weaving links of collaboration and encouragement across places.

Learn How It Works

Discover the Parish Collective process. Learn how individual practitioners, church expressions, and specialized organizations are collaborating together for the life and healing of our local contexts.

Meet The Team

Meet the growing number of diverse leaders and partners that are at the forefront of the parish movement. Collaborate with the Parish Collective Organizing Team, our Advisory Partners, our Leadership Fellows, and the Parish Leadership Council.

Order The Handbook

The award-winning book The New Parish: How Neighborhood Churches Are Transforming Mission, Discipleship, and Community is available.