A central theme for Parish Collective is that there are thousands of parish churches and groups joining in with what God is doing in their local context, but these groups often feel alone, and they have have very few ways to collaborate and learn from one another. Parish Collective convenes parish practitioners in a multitude of collaborative environments. Those listed here are the larger and annual conferences, gatherings, and events.

Inhabit Conference

The Inhabit Conference brings together a multitude of networks, organizations, churches, and grassroots groups whose unique passions and callings converge in the local parish. Followers of Christ from across North America and around the world bring their stories, challenges, and opportunities together in Seattle for two days of collaborating in some of the most unique and transformative storytelling environments. Parish Collective and The Seattle School have been hosting this conference to Sold-Out crowds for 7 years.

New Parish Conference

The New Parish Conference in Birmingham, UK brings together the wisdom and experience of those who have been carrying on the legacy of parish ministry for many generations with the innovation and experimentation of new expressions of church and mission to reimagine the parish for the 21st century. What does it mean to grow faithful presence in the turbulent complexity of our time and place? Leading voices from around the world, and pioneering practitioners from across the UK join together for two days of inspiration and collaboration around these themes.

Plot Conference

Plot Conference: Discover Your Story. Find Your Ground. Join with Conspirators. Parish Collective Leaders in Canada are preparing to host an inaugural gathering bringing together neighbourhood leaders and practitioners that care about the place they live, want to scheme together for reconciliation and renewal, and hope to discover how the story of God transforms their own story and the story of their place. Parish Collective leaders in Canada have been innovating and partnering together at a grassroots level for many years. Now it is time for a national gathering on behalf of mutual inspiration, collaboration, and friendship.

Surrender Conferences

In 2015 the Parish Collective Organizing Team began partnering conversations with the Surrender Organizing Team recognizing their common heart and vision. In 2016 The Neighbourhood Collective was established by founding leaders as a shared space for individuals and groups seeking to be faithfully present in their neighbourhoods. Learn more about the life changing Conferences & Events hosted by Surrender:

Conspire Community

Conspire is one of the primary initiatives of the Parish Collective. The purpose of Conspire is to create a variety of convening spaces for organizations, denominations, and faith communities who might not ordinarily collaborate to come together. The aim of Conspire is to end church competition and support collaboration and friendship on behalf growing faithful presence in and across parishes. Learn more about Conspire Gatherings and Events:

Neighborhood Economics

Neighborhood Economics was co-founded in 2014 by Tim Soerens the co-director of Parish Collective and Kevin Jones the director of SOCAP (Social Capital Markets) to accelerate the flow of capital into neighborhoods and open up a faith-friendly collaboration to move from the narrative of Wall Street to the narrative of Main Street. Parish Collective is a major sponsor of Neighborhood Economics with Parish Leaders contributing at many levels. Learn more about Neighborhood Economics Conferences and the SOCAP track:

Project For Placemaking

Parish Collective is major sponsor and co-host for Project for Placemaking events which raise awareness about the implications of urban design and the built environment for pastors and ministry leaders. It also fosters meaningful collaboration by connecting these leaders to all forms of expertise related to these themes (urban planners, placemaking guides, architects, developers, etc.). These transformative events help ministry leaders with the “gap in their toolkit for understanding how they can nurture community wellbeing through active placemaking.”

77 Neighborhoods Conference

Coming soon. Parish Collective is honored to partner with Communities First and many representatives from Chicago's 77 neighborhoods for this diverse gathering at the intersection of new economy, enterprise, faith, and neighborhood.