Grow an Expression

A Parish Expression begins when any group of Christ followers practices joining in with what God is doing in the everyday life of their town, village, or neighbourhood. Parish Expressions include local churches, ministries, missions, outreaches, or really any group of friends that respond to the tide of social and ecological fragmentation by learning to grow the fabric of love and care in their parish, and by linking together across places in mutual learning, collaboration, and encouragement.

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How do I start a Parish Expression?

All you need to start a Parish Expression is a couple collaborators committed to following the Way of Jesus in the neighborhood. It could be a small group of friends, or it might be a whole church expression that wants to focus their life and practice in one parish. You can get started by clicking on the button and applying. Then you can research best practices of Parish Expressions and learn the most critical postures for growing as a faithful presence in the your context.

How can Parish Collective help me grow an expression?

Learning how to fit together as a living body or team in the parish is the cornerstone of Parish Collective. Participating in the web of friendships connected to Parish Collective will help your group learn from those who have gone before, and find support and collaboration from other expressions in your region or around the world. Click on the button to explore the 5 signs of Parish Expressions.

How do I join an existing Parish Expression?

We are adding new Parish Expressions every week. Our hope is that one day there will be a Parish Expression in every neighborhood identified on the map and contributing from their stories and experiences. You can look for a Parish Expression to join in your area on the map. If there is not yet a Parish Expression in your area you can meet with other practitioners in your area and consider starting one. Click on the button to explore the map.