There are so many resources and connections converging here. Learn from the vast experience of hundreds of seasoned parish guides, and from the incredible organizations we have partnered with over the years who specialize in areas related to the Parish Movement.

Collaborate On The Map

Beginning in April 2017 you will be able to search the Parish Collective map for practitioners, guides, partners, and resources in your area. There are already several helpful ways to use the map right now.

Find Key Partners

Parish Collective has partnered with a number of tremendous organizations and movements whose specialized work converges in the local context. This creates an excellent resource for groups that are fostering love and care in the neighborhood. Check back in April for updated listings.

Watch Parish Videos

We have been collecting videos and interviews, both from our own organization, and from our partners and accomplices, since formally founding the Parish Collective in 2007. You will love the vast diversity of voices all centered on growing faithful presence in the various facets of everyday life within the parish.

Read Top Books

Very soon Parish Collective will host an expanded reading list with top books in multiple categories related to parish themes. Click learn more for a good starter list in the meantime.