Thousands of parish experiments are transpiring around the world. There is an incredible movement afoot, but the way is complex, and the experienced guides are few. Parish Collective has gained a strong reputation for their transformative learning process and their certified trainers are some of the most experienced.


Parish Collective has hosted hundreds of “Reimagine” trainings across North America and around the world. These celebratory learning events gather interested parties from across the city/region to hear parish stories and grow a common vocabulary for learning and collaborating together. Follow the link to learn more about why this training event is such a meaningful way to catalyze connections and grow understanding about the parish movement.

New Parish

Get started with “New Parish” training. This is designed for groups that are ready to actively pursue growing an expression of love and care in the parish. The journey is complex and learning how to faithfully grow participation in the life of a community requires discernment. This one-day training event will give groups a life giving path between blundering forward in harmful ways or opting for vacillation and inaction because of the dangers of movement. Click on the link to learn more about the process that makes this half-day training so transformative.

New Parish Leadership

Develop Leaders with “New Parish Leadership.” It’s time to flip the script on leadership. This two-day training will demonstrate that a whole new way of leadership will be required if faithful presence in the parish is the aim. You will learn new paradigms, postures, and practices for developing leadership that helps your team fit together in life giving ways on behalf of neighborhood transformation. Click “learn more” to see an example of this training.

Leadership Communities

Parish Collective partners with some of the most incredible organizations to host leadership learning communities where participants are able to learn together over the course of a year, while maintaining their practice in their particular context. These Leadership Communities are co-created in conjunction with the unique ethos and culture of our partnering organizations and have proven to be some of the most transformative parish learning processes we have seen. Click “Learn More” to see an example of our Leadership Community partnership with the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.