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Parish Collective offers deep support to local churches, faith-based groups, and any follower of Christ that desires to grow roots in their neighborhood and links across cities for parish renewal.


Read The New Parish Book

The Award-Winning book The New Parish is your hands-on guide for understanding the movement. Explore The New Parish Book Site or Order the Book.


Go to the Inhabit Conference

The Inhabit Conference gathers practitioners from across the country for one of the most innovative storytelling events centered on practice, presence, and place.Check out the Inhabit Conference in Seattle and The New Parish Conference in the United Kingdom


Get Leadership Training

The Seattle School partners with the Parish Collective to facilitate a practitioner think-tank to equip leaders in reimagining place-based innovation and church revitalization. This is an imaginative, collaborative, and transformative program where leaders join together to passionately engage the intersections of God’s story, their personal story, and the story of their particular neighborhood. Check out the Leadership in the New Parish Certificate.


Watch More Videos

Choose from a broad selection of interviews from seasoned parish leaders, tours of particular neighborhoods, towns, and villages, and training videos around specific parish-related themes. Check out the library of Parish Collective Videos.


How Can Parish Collective Help You?

If your church or faith-based group desires to be a faithful presence for neighborhood transformation, you probably already know it’s a complex journey. Parish Collective connects you to a fast-growing network of deep support, hundreds of neighborhood renewal stories to inspire your team, and a learning platform that accesses the collective wisdom of leading practitioners across North America. It is your group’s comprehensive support network as you seek reconciliation and renewal in the parish.


What Happens When You Sign In?
The Parish Collective is a holistic support network for seeking reconciliation and renewal in the parish. The slow work of parish renewal is too complex for easy-answer solutions.  Ministry this on-the-ground needs sustenance from relationships, stories, and the hard-earned wisdom of practitioners.  Parish Collective connects you to:

  • Relationships: A fast-growing network of hundreds of neighborhood leaders and practitioners for mutual encouragement and collaboration.
  • Stories: Neighborhood stories, best-practices, and theological support that is crucial for real parish renewal.
  • Guides: Dozens of Guiding Parish Expressions with seasoned experience that has helped to lead a multitude of churches and faith communities in this transition.


Why Parish Collective?
Beyond the latest technique, spokesperson, or ideology, we are the first practitioner network to organize around faithful presence in real places. This means we will always highlight and connect to real places, real people, and real practices for parish renewal. This creates the possibility of connecting and collaborating together hundreds of groups as they practice the way of Jesus in their neighborhood, weaving a fabric of care and friendship for genuine reconciliation and renewal in everyday life. This purpose is radically unique in many ways.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Being the Church: Creates a context for followers of Christ to develop a common life together, with real formative practice in and for the parish.
  • Whole Systems Renewal: Faithful presence in the parish means that all areas of everyday life matter there is no sacred/secular divide.
  • Grassroots Ecumenism: When groups become present in the everyday life of the parish, they connect with the entire body of believers in that neighborhood.
  • Redemptive Partnership: Being present in everyday life creates the context for partnering with the Spirit’s movement in the most unlikely people and situations.
  • Global Transformation: The linking together of parishes in regional and global partnership creates transparency, learning, and mutual submission.