Become a Practitioner

Become a Practitioner

Parish practitioners actively seek to follow the way of Jesus by learning to love their neighbors and participate in caring for the place they live. They are practitioners because they practice living faithfully in, for, and with all the relationships (including the land) that comprise the everyday life of their place.

How can I get started?

So, you want to start connecting and collaborating as a Parish Practitioner? The first thing to do is simply sign up. Adding your name and neighborhood opens up the door to access stories, resources, and all the possibilities to connect with other practitioners, partners, and guides on the map. Next, you can explore the best practices of parish practitioners or connect with other practitioners in your area. Click the link to go to the sign-up page.

How can Parish Collective help me as a practitioner?

Parish Collective helps practitioners make the most meaningful connections possible for your growth, your encouragement, and your collaboration with others. We create the spaces (on-the-ground and online) for you to find the support you need, and we often help by making some initial introductions that you can choose to follow-up on. Discover the 7 core types of connections you can make right from the beginning of the sign up process.

What stories can help grow my practice?

Parish Collective is adding new stories every week. Explore the stories, submit your own neighborhood story, and check back as we add more each week. Click on Discover More to read about 5 practices that resilient parish expressions commonly practice.

Are there trainings or gatherings in my area?

Parish Collective hosts gatherings of many sizes and shapes across North America and around the world. Send us a message to find out the next event in your area. You can also click Discover More to see a short list of upcoming conferences and events.