Parish Collective inspires, connects, and resources followers of Christ who are growing a faithful presence together in their parish (town, village, neighborhood, etc.). There are thousands of these practitioners from around the world that are joining together here to collaborate, share stories, and learn a life giving way forward.

Become A Practitioner

A Parish Practitioner is a follower of Christ that is committed to faithful presence in the everyday life of their town, village, or neighbourhood, and is committed to learning and collaborating by linking with others across parishes. Parish Practitioners adopt postures and practices that help them discern what God is up to in their context and how they might faithfully join in. Click on “learn more” to discover more about what Parish Practitioners do, and how to join in.

Grow An Expression

A Parish Expression begins when any group of Christ followers collaborates together to grow faithful presence in the everyday life of their town, village, or neighbourhood. Parish Expressions are local churches, ministries, missions, outreaches, or really any group of friends that respond to the tide of social and ecological fragmentation by learning to grow the fabric of love and care in their parish, and by linking together across places in mutual learning, collaboration, and encouragement. Click on the Learn More button to learn more about how Parish Expressions work, what they do, and how they grow.

Follow The Guides

Growing faithful presence in the community is not always easy. Without wisdom and encouragement from seasoned guides it is easy to make costly mistakes, turn conflict into catastrophe, and altogether lose hope. Guiding Parish Expressions are churches or groups that have navigated some of these waters in their context and can be turned to for guidance. Click on the Learn More button to meet featured Guiding Parish Expressions and hear their stories.

Connect Across Your City

Is the fabric of love and care growing in your area? New Cities are added as their region develops several Guiding Expressions and a growing web of collaborating practitioners. City Collectives include the surrounding suburbs and watershed or bioregion. Find your City Collective below and follow the stories on their Facebook page or contact us to express interest in seeing this happen in your city.

Start A Parish Hub

Coming soon. Parish hubs are groups of practitioners in a city region that get together regularly to learn, support one another, and collaborate on behalf of their parishes.

Learn From Partners

Coming Soon. A central aim of the Parish Collective mission is to connect everyday practitioners to a federation of partners that specialize in critical aspects necessary to the health of the local church, and the life and flourishing of the parish.

Apply For The Council

The Parish Leadership Council is comprised of exemplary practitioners and scholars that are at the forefront of the Parish Movement. The council was formed in 2015 to strengthen the international movement of churches, organizations, and groups that practice cultivating the ecology of relationships in the parish as central to the way of Christ, to human maturation, and to ecological flourishing. Diverse leaders from across party lines and geographical borders serve on this council which mobilizes local action, peer learning, and collaboration on behalf of the parish movement. To meet featured council members or to find out more about applying click the link.

Get Member Benefits

Become a Contributing Member. Resolve to support grassroots parish leaders and transform communities all year long. Join a new generation of monthly givers who are reconnecting the local church in, with, and for the everyday life of the neighborhood. Hover over the question markers to discover the benefits.