Guiding Expression Application


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  • If you represent a church or group that has developed an ongoing commitment to love and care together for a specific neighbourhood/parish, then you are invited to apply. We think others will be encouraged toward faithful presence and grow in their insight and understanding by following your story. Please note that applications may require some time and relational connection if you are new to the Parish Collective.
  • A Guiding Parish Expression is a local church, or group of Christ followers, that has been committed to growing the fabric of love and care across their neighbourhood. This is a seasoned place-based group that has practiced joining in with the God's movement in their context . While the Guiding Parish Expressions highlighted on this site come from very diverse backgrounds and perspectives, these FIVE SIGNS seem to be commonly expressed among each of them.

    1. CENTERING on the Way of Jesus
    2. INHABITING the parish
    3. GATHERING to Remember
    4. COLLABORATING for God's Renewal
    5. LINKING Across Parishes

    Applying to start a Guiding Parish Expression means you agree to represent your group's desire to both join in with what God is doing in your particular context, and also to link together with others across places.
  • The primary purpose of Guiding Parish Expressions is to offer meaningful examples for those making the transition toward deeper parish engagement. This role does not include any required actions beyond commitment to practice the 5 signs, and updating your story and vision (below). However, Guiding Parish Expressions are totally encouraged to support this work in the following ways:

    Sharing New Stories: All parish stories that are appropriate for sharing and might help others foster faithful presence in their context are welcomed.
    Inviting New Practitioners: Please consider inviting other Jesus followers that want to grow as a faithful presence in their neighborhood, town, or village.
    Hosting Parish Gatherings: Guiding Expressions can host orientation events or storytelling events that help people connect and grow together across their city/region
    Guide for New Parties: New people or groups are often looking for insight, belonging, friendship and collaboration. Guides can make all the difference.
    Supporting Parish Collective: We welcome your participation at annual events that shape the future vision, and please consider giving a monthly contribution to this work.

  • Social Media links are not required but handy for other potential collaborators to get in touch with your group.