Follow The Guides

Follow The Guides

We are very pleased to connect you to some of the most meaningful and experienced Parish Expressions from across Australia, Canada, UK, and US. These are local churches, faith communities, or small groups of followers of Christ committed to growing a fabric of love and care across their parish.

Find Guiding Expressions

New groups will be added weekly. Guiding Expressions seek to live out a tangible Gospel story in all the common dimensions of everyday life. This includes concerns such as the local economic picture, civic or governmental concerns, the educational system, or even the way the created and built environments are treated. You can visit Guiding Expressions and find out more by clicking the link.

Explore the Signposts

Guiding Expressions highlighted on this site come from very diverse backgrounds and perspectives, but they share much in common. Click the button to understand the vision for Guiding Expressions and to see the 5 signs that bind them together in mutual encouragement and collaboration.

Apply to Become a Guide

If you represent a congregation, organization, or group of friends that has developed an ongoing commitment to love and care together for a specific neighborhood/parish, then you are invited to apply. We think others will be encouraged toward faithful presence and grow in their insight and understanding by following your story.

Visit Australian Partners

We love what our partners in Australia are up to. The Neighbourhood Collective is a shared space for individuals and groups who are seeking to be faithfully present in their neighbourhoods, committing to love and walk alongside their neighbours. There are many Guiding Expressions to explore and learn from.