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There’s nothing quite like coming home filled with faith and hope for your own place, because of the stories, encouragements, and prayers you experience from other churches and groups seeking to follow the Spirit faithfully into the everyday life of their parish. After Tim Soerens and I participated in an amazing first Parish Collective Learning Community hosted by the Baptist Union of Victoria we were invited to spend some time in a few neighbourhoods and visit with a few friends and guides… thought you might enjoy a few photos. Grateful for Mayor Sam Hearn for all his patient leadership in neighbourhoods that paved the way, and for Geoff and Gayle making this trip possible…

Parish Collective Learning Community hosted by the BUV

We were invited into the hospitality of one of my favorite places on the planet – the beautiful, collaborative, and multicultural space of Dwell at Ascot Vale Church of Christ. The patient work that Bron and Gregg Morris have been weaving together for years is really beginning to flourish. It is an astonishing hub of activity hosting so many different types of neighbourhood groups that I couldn’t keep count. But I was able to connect with many friends who are doing some of the most meaningful work on the planet.Appreciate the growing leadership of Kim Almeida (more to come) and others trained through Praxis. Loved hearing what Gregg and Dusk Liney are up to through Mahana Culture, along with Dusk’s work with TheListeningSquad. 

Plus, I was able to check in with SURRENDER leaders I deeply respect, Charlene Delos Santos and Joanne Shan. Gregg took me for a visit to GraceTree Community – loved the way these families are practicing their faith and the deep beauty and story of the place. Plus, I got a short stop with my friends Peter and Sharmila Blair (so good to see them).

Tim and I also really enjoyed two evenings out with friends, one with Jono Ingram and Elliot Keane (see photo), and one with Simon and Kaylene Reeves and Scott Hawkins.

Finally, we finished the short trip under the beautiful hospitality of our dear friends and partners Geoff and Sherry Maddock. We visited Planted Places (more to come on that amazing place), and had wonderful conversations and visits at the heart of Melbourne. Looking forward to returning later this year with a little more space and time. 

Dwell at Ascot-Vale Church of Christ

Planted Places

Melbourne with Geoff and Sherry Maddock

Grace Tree Community

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