Apply For The Council

Apply For The Council

The Parish Leadership Council is comprised of exemplary practitioners and scholars that are at the forefront of the Parish Movement. The council was formed in 2015 to strengthen the international movement of churches, organizations, and groups that practice cultivating the ecology of relationships in the parish as central to the way of Christ, to human maturation, and to ecological flourishing. Review the 5 Criteria below and consider filling out the short application.

1. You understand the import of the Parish Movement

You’re well-versed in the movement’s history and can appreciate the uniqueness of the current moment. You get that the Council isn’t about making money or networking but rather about connecting friendships in order to grow the fabric of love and care in and across parishes.

2. You agree with what parish practitioners are trying to live into.

Diverse leaders from across party lines and geographical borders serve on this council which mobilizes local action, peer learning, and collaboration on behalf of the parish movement.

3. You have substantial experience with on-the-ground community

You’re not just about abstract ideas. You have put things to practice. We’re looking for people who don’t just think about how to create great places; they roll up their sleeves, head on out, and start collaborating.

4. You think holistically about place.

You’ve worked on a variety of different projects, and you understand how various (sometimes unexpected) pieces fit together to create a flourishing parish.

5. You have your own networks and organizations.

You’re not a rock or an island. You have a track record of working with people from different backgrounds, disciplines, and communities, and you understand how important unlikely partnerships are to transformative and sustaining community work.