There are so many resources and connections converging here. Learn from the vast experience of hundreds of seasoned parish guides, and from the incredible organizations we have partnered with over the years who specialize in areas related to the Parish Movement.

Find The Right Training

Thousands of parish experiments are transpiring around the world. There is an incredible movement afoot, but the way is complex, and the experienced guides are few. Parish Collective has gained a strong reputation for their transformative learning process and their certified trainers are some of the most experienced.

Connect On The Map

Search the Parish Collective map for practitioners (people who practice loving their neighbors), expressions (groups growing faithful presence in their parish), guiding expressions (groups you can turn to for wisdom in the parish), and members of the leadership council (leaders catalyzing the parish movement). Go to the map and select the type you are looking for.

Watch Parish Videos

We have been collecting videos and interviews, both from our own organization, and from our partners and accomplices, since formally founding the Parish Collective in 2007. You will love the vast diversity of voices all centered on growing faithful presence in the various facets of everyday life within the parish.

Read Top Books

Help us grow the list of books related to the Parish Movement. Find, add, and share books written by diverse authors and unique contexts related to growing the fabric of love and care in, with, and for the neighborhood.

Listen to Podcast

Our partner podcast was created by one of the early founders of Parish Collective. RePlacing Church exists to support Christians who believe the kind of church Jesus had in mind is still possible. Through training, coaching, writing, and especially a podcast, Replacing Church helps people imagine, create, and lead new expressions of church that seek to follow Jesus in the neighborhood, foster wholehearted community, and pursue social change locally and globally.

Explore Partner Journal

The Journal of Missional Practice curates stories of God at work in local contexts and cultivates learning communities that practice robust theological listening with these narratives. JMP is unashamedly story driven and committed to theological reflection. God’s action and activity is the starting place and focus.

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Welcome to a growing collective of churches, missional communities, and faith-based groups which are rooted in neighborhoods and linked across cities for Parish renewal. House Rules: We encourage you to leave comments, photos, videos, and links here as long as they are directly related to Parish Collective themes!

Follow Leadership Group

The church is so much more than programs, buildings, and liturgy. Together, there’s something more that we’re being called to. Curated by Dr. Dwight Friesen, Paul Sparks, and Tim Soerens, Leadership in the New Parish is a collaborative, practical think-tank for church leaders, social entrepreneurs, and place-makers with a heart for reimagining God’s call of shalom in their unique neighborhood contexts.