Start a Parish Hub

Start a Parish Hub

Parish hubs are on the way, but here are a few hints about the core process... Are you ready to learn and grow together with others in an exciting new way? Parish Hubs are peer-learning groups that you can start or join in your area. They are focused on a radical process of transformation that has ancient roots in the scripture, but is emerging with new import and possibility in our time. Here are 5 core aspects:

1. Connective Leadership

Our deepest transformation does not come from being exposed to the right information or ideas. Parish Hubs help you foster the kind of relationships, experiences, and environments you need for real change and growth.

2. Adaptive Listening

There is no script or magic formula for knowing what to do in complex relational environments like the parish. Healing practice in the parish requires listening, prayerfulness, imagination, adaptation, and iteration.

3. Appreciative Inquiry

Becoming healing agents in the parish doesn't come from trying to fix everyone's problems. It comes from trusting God is already at work and learning how to create a culture where everyone's gifts are recognized and important to the team.

4. Parish Scale

Humans were made to share life together, and to care together for the place they inhabit. Understanding the ecology of the parish and practicing faithful presence in your context is central to growth and healing.

5. Everyday Church

Reimagining local church as all the followers of Jesus in the parish, instead of all those gathered in a building, takes tremendous imagination and practice. But, this shift changes everything, and enlivens the gospel story.