Thousands of parish experiments are transpiring around the world. There is an incredible movement afoot, but the way is complex, and the experienced guides are few. Parish Collective has gained a strong reputation for their transformative learning process and their certified trainers are some of the most experienced.

Learning Communities

Develop your capacity for living out the Gospel naturally and relationally in your locality. Learn practical ways for growing faithful presence, fostering missional engagement, and leading with others in transformative discipleship in the neighborhood. 
Click on the link to see an example of our Learning Community partnership with Nav Neighbors and learn more about the process that makes this so transformative.

Leadership Communities

Parish Collective partners with some of the most incredible organizations to host leadership communities where participants are able to learn together over the course of a year, while maintaining their practice in their particular context. Click “Learn More” to see an example of our Leadership Community partnership with the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.

On-Site Intensives

Parish Collective has hosted hundreds of On-Site Intensives across North America and around the world. Contact us to learn more about the variety of themes and on-site learning experiences, or to co-design an intensives with us for your community.


Parish Collective has a diverse team of coaches that specialize in helping your group engage in every aspect of parish life. Contact us to learn more about the variety of coaching themes and to learn more about our coaching team.