We Must Re-Member

One of the most tender, aching and human moments of Luke’s Gospel occurs as Jesus gathers his friends as their world turns upside down for a meal and he lovingly says, “I have eagerly desired to eat with you…” He eats this meal and introduces a new way of being amidst utter chaos, sickening violence and political upheaval. The invitation is remarkably simple: Do this. Remember me.

I think He did this because in the midst of pandemonium He knows it is our first nature to forget, to scatter, to dis-member. Scarcity mindsets possess us, fear rules, and before we know it, we are in a mile-long line for toilet paper. But for the Jesus-people of the neighborhood the call has not changed: Do this. Remember me.

How can you, in the most bread and wine way, “do this”? How can you neighbor well pulling the members of Christ’s body back together? Could you text, call, or safe-distance knock on doors and call over fences to your neighbors to check in? Does anyone have a need that you can meet? Perhaps they need prayer, a meal, a grocery trip, a word of hope, bread? Can you resist the urge to dis-member and instead inhabit the high and holy and wiley call of Christ to eagerly do the things that make up the Kingdom of God—cups of water for the thirsty, bread for the hungry, love for the fearful, clothes for the naked, kinship for the captives?

After all, it was this simple instruction Christ reminded Peter of—that to love Me is to meet the needs of the people. In the middle of disorder, the Jesus people of the neighborhood have this one wondrous and simple path to merely Re-member Christ in bread, in wine, and even as it turns out, at times, in toilet paper. Jesus is still eager, He is still calling us friends, He is still offering what is needed to those around us…and if we hurry, we can still join Him in our neighborhood.

By Kindra Carson Green

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